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Multimedia Translation Services

Most modern businesses utilize many different file types over the course of a regular workday. This is especially true when it comes to training materials, companywide notices, standards updates, and other media.

However, there are times when these businesses need to translate these documents in order to better serve their clients, or to accommodate employees’ needs. That’s why Foreign Translations offers professional multimedia translation services in Charlotte, NC, as well as in Greenville, SC. Our skilled team can handle translations for many different kinds of media, making your tasks simpler and more efficient!

Along with multimedia translation, our experts specialize in Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP), translations, and software localization services. Our goal is to provide the accurate, prompt, and professional translation services our clients need to achieve more.

Multimedia Translations

Many businesses require translations of company materials at some time or another. For example, some employees may be located overseas, or speak English as a second language. Another situation that may call for professional translation involves reaching a bigger audience, reaching existing clients where they are, or interfacing with potential partners in other parts of the world.

No matter your goals, our translators can help. We’re accustomed to working with the most commonly used file formats out there, and we can even work with different layers, fonts, and modes across different platforms. Here are just a few of the benefits we can bring to your next project:

  • Subtitling Services
  • Voiceovers & Voice Recordings
  • Video Translations
  • Transcription Services
  • Audiovisual Synchronization

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

When it comes to localizing documents, Multilingual Desktop Publishing is an essential step. Quality is important to your business’s reputation; naturally, you’d never sign off on a translation that had formatting errors or typos. But when you rely on Foreign Translations, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing our precise and careful translation process leaves no room for mistakes.

IT Translations & Software Localization

Ensure your business’s documents, packaging, products, and other digital/printed media is accessible for everyone involved. Our localization services are perfect for businesses I need of software, document, or screen translations. Best of all, we work on many different software platforms for our clients’ convenience. Ultimately, we’re flexible, and we strive to meet each individual client’s needs to the best of our abilities.

Contact us today to learn more about our multimedia translation services and how they can benefit your business. We serve clients in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as in Greenville, South Carolina.